Wie im richtigen Leben... Like in Real Life

In 1997, Mattel produced a wheelchair-using Barbie doll called Becky. The original could not fit through the Barbie Dream House front door, and her hair was so long it got caught in the wheelchairs wheels. Mattel adjusted Becky, making her wheelchair smaller and her hair shorter. The new and improved Barbie was in high demand and flew off the shelves in less than two weeks.Despite the reworked Becky Barbie doll, she could not fit into the Dream House’s elevator….how ironic…housing for people with disabilities that is not accessible.Mattell stated in the future they intended on making changes to the Barbie house designs, but instead they later rejected the doll and discontinued Becky along with wheelchair-racing Paralympic Becky.

Und wo ist eigentlich (ein) Ken? ;)

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